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Four of Granville's veterinary assistants attending to a small dog around an examination table.
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We Couldn’t Be Where We Are Without Our Students

At Granville College, we take pride in graduating skilled, motivated and caring individuals ready to contribute to animal care in BC or abroad.

Here is what a few of our grads, students, and veterinary employers have to say about our program:

Granville College is easily accessible by skytrain/bus etc and there is options for every type of budget, learning style, and goal. The administrator (Paulina) was super personable, always smiling and no matter what she was doing or how busy she was, her door was always open and you were always welcome. My instructor Justyna went above and beyond creating a hands on, organized and useful curriculum and our class not only had a ton of fun but learned technical skills that allowed us to all exceed expectations at our practicums.


This college and its team of instructors helped me to pursue the goals I had coming in, and helped me create new goals in the animal welfare industry after graduation. It’s a big decision to go back to school but no matter what age you are, this College was nothing but exceptional and trumps any other vet assistant school in the area. It will be impossibly hard to find a school with the amount of quality and pertinent information that this college provides. My experience at this school was incredible and I will recommend it for years to come.

Breanne M.

This is a great school…very convenient beside the Skytrain, a very encompassing curriculum, very caring, supportive, hard working administrative staff (Love you Paulina,) and my instructor, Justyna, who always went above and beyond to help everyone succeed with her never-ending support, guidance, improvement on the curriculum, and desire to make the class interesting through her wit, insightful stories, and embracement of new opportunities (those real organs were amazing!) Thank you so much for helping me finally realize my dream of working for the betterment of animal health and welfare!

Nicole S.

The course prepared and trained me the skills I need for my daily tasks in a busy vet clinic. Justyna, our teacher, was very knowledgeable and approachable. She make class so much more alive and fun. Paulina, the school Admin, was the sweetest. She made administration to job applications super easy with her full support. Yes, I love my VA course in Granville College.

Vinnie C.

I love everything about the school: the school load, my classmates, our always smiling, caring and sweetest admin Paulina & our knowledgeable, motivated and caring teacher Justyna! Couldn’t have asked for better support team! I was confident & ready when I went for my practicum & I am now working my dream job! Thank you all again for everything!!!

Danielle N.

They did a great job! So happy I went there! The staff are great and the curriculum encompassed so much knowledge that was useful when I went into the workplace. I think this college is great and now I can Succeed.

Selin K.

I was still in a deep depression after having been thrown from a horse carriage, and was having a lot of trouble letting go of working with draft horses. But here I am again with a job that I always am thrilled to get up and go to – every single day! And in my last work evaluation I got superb marks and once again, it goes back to what I learned with you (Granville College) and was able to bring to the shelter, upping the quality of our medical side and customer service side as well. It’s really thrilling to make a difference.


Clare B.
Animal Care Attendant at BC SPCA

Logo of Eagle Ridge Veterinary HospitalWe have had great success with the graduates of Granville Business College’s VOA program.  The graduates are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and are able to hit the ground running- saving us valuable training time and expense.  We always put your students on the top of our interview list.


Darla M., Practice Manager, Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital
Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital

Granville College gave me the knowledge & foundation for a rewarding career in the veterinary industry. Thanks to great training & leadership, I am now in my 16th year of being a successful Veterinary Office Assistant!

Charleen, VA
Anderson Animal Hospital

My name is Lana and I temporarily relocated from Calgary, Alberta to take the Veterinary Assistant Program and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made towards my future. I have come away with a completely new outlook on animal care, welfare and health management. The program really prepares you to be confident and well equipped to operate within a clinic setting. I even find that I am more comfortable taking care of my own animals now as well. Anyone who takes the VOA Program will be happy with the investment, just like I have been.

Lana B.

Hi, I am Sheahan. I have been taking the VOA® and in spite of being the oldest student in the class, I am having a blast. The instructor makes learning fun and easy in a warm, friendly environment. I’d recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a solid introduction to the world of animal health. It’s just the beginning of a whole lot more out there! PS – I travel from the Sunshine Coast via ferry and bus every day and it is well worth it!

Sheahan B.

Hello, my name is Symone and this is Muffins. I am enjoying the VOA® program. Although it is hard work, it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re thinking of going into the Veterinary Assistant field, this is the best school to go to. All the instructors are helpful and outgoing. In a relaxed environment I’ve learned more in a few months than I ever expected to.

Symone A.

My name is Stacy and this is Frodo. We are enrolled in the VOA® program at Granville Business College. This is an excellent program with the best teachers and administrator. I have never enjoyed school until I joined the VOA® class. The methods they use to teach are incredibly interesting and effective. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Stacy C.

My name is Cynthia. I graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Granville Business College. I had previously been looking to make a career change and GC offered me that in just 24 weeks. I was extremely excited about the program and my chance to work in the animal health care field. I got a full-time job as a VOA at a small animal veterinary practice as soon as I graduated, and have been working here ever since. There is always a lot to learn. I am also employed by the City of Vancouver at the Stanley Park Children’s Zoo where I work as an animal attendant. I find both jobs rewarding. My experience at GBC was positive and educational. The staff was supportive and knowledgeable, and helped me to succeed in my career. I would highly recommend the Veterinary Assistant Program to anyone who enjoys working with both animals and people.

Cynthia H.

Hi, my name is Krissy and I graduated from the VOA® Class 47 at Granville Business College. The program is fantastic and the amount of knowledge I gained is invaluable. The teachers and administrators were very supportive and the methods used to instruct the class were great. During the program you learn a tremendous amount. The classes include; lectures, mock veterinary clinics, field trips, animal handling and restraint classes. We learned that the role of a Veterinary Assistant is very important since we make the first impression to the public. I recommend this program to anyone who loves animals and is considering working with them.

Krissy L.

Logo of Garibaldi Veterinary HospitalI am motivated to write this letter to praise the excellence of your program and the quality of your graduates. I have had the opportunity to employ two of your graduates. Both were excellent employees. They came with a solid knowledge base and practical skills that could immediately be employed, this thanks entirely to your program! Also, thank you very much for all of your efforts in finding me suitable employees. You have worked very hard to provide me with wonderful candidates. Potential students should know that your program would provide them with marketable skills. Potential employers should also be aware of this and that you are extremely helpful in matching candidates to positions. Thank you again.

Dr. Tom Honey, DVM, Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital
Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital

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