Turn Your Passion for Animals Into a Rewarding Career!

Get the Professional Skills for a Career in Animal Healthcare

Granville College’s Veterinary Assistant (VOA®) Programs give you hands-on, practical training that prepares you to be job ready in less than a year.

With Granville College you’ll have the strength of experience behind your education. You will join over 1800 graduates working in clinics and hospitals across the country – all of whom graduated from the first Veterinary Assistant Program ever developed in Canada.

Our Programs

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Excel as a Veterinary Assistant

Our programs cover:

  • • medical conditions
  • • diets
  • • surgeries
  • • parasites
  • • vaccines
  • • restraint
  • • pharmacology
  • • scheduling
  • • grief counselling
  • • radiology
  • • veterinary software
  • and much more!

Graduate prepared and ready to enter the field of animal health care with confidence.

New! 3-Week Pet Sitter Certificate Program

Pet sitting is a valuable service to families that need to be away from their pets for an extended period. Having a trusted, caring person come into a home contributes to piece of mind, allowing clients to leave for well-deserved vacations, or reduce worry for prolonged, out-of-home medical emergencies. A Pet Sitting Certificate provides emergency care skills to identify and treat common health programs and behaviours in animals. Successful completion of this program would be an asset to inspire peace of mind and assure potential clients of your professionalism. Learn more about the Pet Sitter Certificate Program.

Learn From Committed Experts

Veterinary Assistant and animal welfare training is ALL we do. Learn with like-minded individuals with a common goal: to make a difference in animal health care.

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