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Business Administration _ Global Supply Chain Management Specialty

Business Administration / Global Supply Chain Management Specialty

This program provides students with a broad understanding of business practices. The Two-Years Business Administration in Global Supply Chain Management will provide graduates with foundational business and professional skills. Additionally, this program will provide the analytical framework for assessing the nature and challenges of operating global supply chains. It focuses on the primary activities of global supply chains, distribution and inventory management, and the supporting activities of document management and procurement. It examines how to obtain and manage resources to deal with international suppliers and transportation intermediaries, and how to maintain optimum efficiency in the production, inventory control, and delivery of goods in the international marketplace.

“This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.”

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Program Details:

Duration: 1600 hours
Upcoming Intakes:
Sept 2022
Jan 2023
  • Sourcing and Procurement Specialist
  •  Purchasing Manager
  •  Pricing Coordinator
  •  Supply and Demand Analyst
  •  Demand Forecasting Lead
  •  Supply Chain Logistics Planner
  •  Supply Chain Coordinator
  •  Inventory Manager
  •  Inventory Control Analyst
  •  Warehouse Operations Manager
  •  Shipping and Receiving Administrator
  •  Transportation Supervisor
  •  Distribution Logistics Analyst
  •  Dispatcher/Driver Manager
  •  Business Development Associate.
  •  Marketing Associate.
  •  Account Manager.
  •  Administrative Assistant.
  •  Financial Administrator.
  •  Human Resources Coordinator.
  •  Sales Representative.
  •  Risk Management Consultant.
  •  Customer Service Representative.

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