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Employment Services

At Granville College, we do more than prepare you for class – we prepare you for a successful career. Our dedicated Career Services team guides you throughout your academic journey, from your first day as a student to landing your dream job. Whether you’re starting a new career or advancing your current one, we’re here to help you overcome challenges and bridge the gap to success.

Our robust support system provides the tools and confidence you need to impress potential employers. We offer personalized coaching on career exploration, interview preparation, and crafting effective resumes and cover letters that highlight your skills and qualifications. Additionally, we connect you with valuable internship and job placement opportunities at top companies in your field.

At Granville College, our commitment to your success doesn’t end at graduation. We offer ongoing guidance and support to ensure you achieve a fulfilling career in your chosen field. Start your journey to a rewarding career with Granville College today.

We are committed to your post-graduation success because your achievements reflect our own!

Here's how Granville Helps you:

Resumes and Cover Letters

We believe your resume and cover letter should always be evolving. That’s why we don’t wait until the final week or last day of school to start refining them! We offer workshops, one-on-one counseling, and informative packages to guide you through the initial steps of your job search.

Interview Techniques

Congratulations on landing the interview! This is fantastic news! We’re here to guide you through every step, from what to wear and how to greet, to what to say and how to demonstrate your confidence, ensuring you prove you are the best candidate for the job. We will also prepare you for various types of interviews, including phone screenings, virtual interviews, in-person meetings, panel interviews, group interviews, and more.


Our dynamic Career Services Team offers a variety of workshops designed to impart knowledge and teach you how to apply it effectively. Our workshops include, but are not limited to: Building a Professional Resume, Crafting Standout Cover Letters, Mastering Interview Techniques, Understanding the Importance of Networking & The Hidden Job Market, and Achieving Career Success.

Career Resources

Whether you need academic coaching, resume building, or job matching, we’re here to make your goals a reality! From the moment you join Granville College, we provide ongoing career support. Through personalized coaching and employer connections, we assist you in identifying employment opportunities and ensure you graduate with the confidence to conduct an independent job search.

Practicums and Internships

A Practicum/Internship is a vital part of your program, providing essential real-world experience. You’ll develop new strengths, connect with industry experts, and acquire valuable skills, enhancing your employment prospects. We offer placement services to help you connect with the right employer.

Job Search

With a polished resume and a personalized cover letter, the next step is taking action to ensure they get noticed. We’ll show you simple techniques for sending out your materials and following up effectively. Remember, even if a job isn’t advertised, companies might still be seeking someone like you. We’ll share some insider tips for success with you!

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