What Our Grads Have To Say

Four of Granville's veterinary assistants attending to a small dog around an examination table.
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We Couldn’t Be Where We Are Without Our Students

At Granville College, we take pride in graduating skilled, motivated and caring individuals ready to contribute to animal care in BC or abroad.

Here is what a few of our grads, students, and veterinary employers have to say about our program:

This program was such a fun experience, and having Justyna there with us made it even better. I feel ready and excited to go into the veterinary industry. This program has taught me alot especially that I want to continue my education in veterinary field. Thank you Justyna for being awesome and supportive.

Candra R., 2019

The course is great for people who want to fully understand and learn more about the veterinary industry. The program content is amazing and the restraint classes were really helpful and helped me progress through understanding how to handle animals.

Sandra M., 2019

Great teacher! Excellent program. I am very excited to start my new career with all the knowledge and tools Granville College has given me!


Skyler Z., 2019

The VA course was expertly taught and provided a great introduction to the industry as well as veterinary procedures. I  learned a lot and had a fun time doing it.

Mike S., 2019

Returning back to school to become a VTA was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. This course teaches you so much in such a short amount of time and you have one of the greatest instructors (Mandy) guiding you through it. I am going to miss it a lot, but now I feel ready and prepared to become a member of the animal health care world. The opportunities are endless!

Monika R.

Granville College has been an amazing school from start to finish. I have gained plenty of knowledge and friends from my program. I feel confident going into my field. I would recommend this school for anyone who is wanting to enter the veterinary field.

Nathalie R.

Granville College has been such a great experience and has provided me with so much knowledge! Mandy is so caring and loving to all her students, and created a fantastic learning environment. I loved coming to class and seeing a new critter!

Robyn W.

This is a great course with logs of information. Mandy is one of the best instructors I have ever had and is incredibly supportive and connected to her students during and after the course. I highly recommend this diploma and college. Just know that you do need access to a laptop!

Megan S.

Mandy was an amazing instructor. She made the class environment enjoyable and had a great way at teaching us during our lectures. I will be more than prepared for my working environment because of this program Thank you!

Caterina K.

I made a lot of great friends. My instructor was awesome. Learned a lot fro the program. Restraint days were the best days.

Kiran K.