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Household Hazards For Pets – A Serious Risk

Safeguard your pet from household hazards

The same household hazards for children pose a very serious threat to our pets.

We talk about baby-proofing our homes and we know about the importance of keeping harmful materials out of the reach of small children; but what about safeguarding our furry family members from the multitude household hazards for pets that we find all around us? Our animal companions play an important role in our lives, and often they are members of our families and share our homes.

Some common household hazards for pets can include:

  • Cleaning products & caustic substances (air fresheners, ammonia/bleach, carpet & upholstery cleaner)
  • Electrical wiring & cables
  • Medications
  • Pesticides
  • Garden fertilizers
  • Objects that can be ingested (string, wood, food containers, etc.)
  • Fumes from non-stick cooking pans (toxic to birds)
  • Cocoa-based garden mulch
  • Antifreeze
  • Toxic household plants

Prevention is the key. Like you would do when baby-proofing your home, take a good look through your home from your animal’s point of view and make sure all hazards are stored correctly and kept well out of reach. In case of emergency, keep the phone number of both your regular veterinarian and the emergency veterinary practice close at hand. Consult your veterinary team about creating a well-stocked pet first aid kit. Let’s keep our beloved animal family members safe!

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