Granville College is easily accessible by skytrain/bus etc and there is options for every type of budget, learning style, and goal. The administrator (Paulina) was super personable, always smiling and no matter what she was doing or how busy she was, her door was always open and you were always welcome. My instructor Justyna went above and beyond creating a hands on, organized and useful curriculum and our class not only had a ton of fun but learned technical skills that allowed us to all exceed expectations at our practicums.


This college and its team of instructors helped me to pursue the goals I had coming in, and helped me create new goals in the animal welfare industry after graduation. It’s a big decision to go back to school but no matter what age you are, this College was nothing but exceptional and trumps any other vet assistant school in the area. It will be impossibly hard to find a school with the amount of quality and pertinent information that this college provides. My experience at this school was incredible and I will recommend it for years to come.

Breanne M.

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