Convenient Tuition Payment Plans Now Available!

Quote on image: Did you know? You can pay your school fees in installments! Contact Admissions at 6 0 4 - 6 7 0 - 8 6 3 6 to find out more
Our Admissions Advisors will help you with everything from enrollment to financial aid and program scheduling

Granville College offers a convenient, easy to arrange payment plan for those who wish to spread tuition payments over the length of the program. The programs are eligible to access RESP and Registered Education Savings Plans for tuition payments.

To pay for your tuition, Granville College offers two different plans. You can pay all at once, or you can spread tuition payments over the first four months of the program. The payment plan is available to both International and Domestic students.

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To speak to us about paying for your tuition, give us a call at 604-683-8850.

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