Celebrating our 100th Class!

In 1993, Granville College developed the first Veterinary Assistant Training program in B.C.

April 3rd 2017 will be our 100th class since the college began operating. Over the years we have helped thousands of animal lovers begin their careers in animal health care, and we are proud to say that we have graduated more Veterinary Assistants than all similar programs in BC combined!

Do you want to work with animals?

If you are interested in working with animals our course could be the perfect place to start. It’s not just for those who want to become Veterinary Assistants either – the program gives you the skills needed to succeed in a huge range of animal related careers.

Our students develop animal handling skills, learn medical terminologies, and gain the hands-on experience they need to work in animal hospitals and clinics, shelters and SPCA, or even working for a pet nutrition brand or veterinary pharmaceutical company. For more information on potential career paths, check out our full article HERE.

What we offer

Unlike other schools who may offer a range of different programs, Veterinary Assistant training is all we do. Our focus is preparing students for careers in animal health care and we support that with a community of like-minded individuals, passionate about the health and well being of animals.

Our program is tailored to provide you with the hands-on experience needed to prepare you for work. As such you will be working with animals throughout the duration of the course. Whether you want to be a front end customer service superstar, or a master of assisting vets and technicians with xrays and blood tests, we have you covered. The clinic where you spend your three week practicum at the end of the program is chosen by you with guidance and help from our Instructors! This means you can truly tailor your experience and development for the career you want.

We have a close relationship with veterinary clinics and hospitals, and are proud to say that many students receive offers of employment before their graduation.

For more information about Granville College and to find out if the Veterinary Assistant Program is right for you, contact the College or call 604-449-6657.