Top Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

Things to Consider Inside Your Home No Bones Please: Avoid giving bones to your dogs or cats, particularly turkey bones. Poultry bones easily splinter and can cause serious injury, while bone fragments can cause intestinal blockages or lacerations. Healthy Treats: Chocolate and other sweets should not be given to animals. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical

Useful Links for Pet Owners

Resources for Animal Lovers Granville College has compiled this list of useful links for pet owners Veterinary Associations CVMA Canadian Veterinary Medical Association AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Protection & Care BC SPCA British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Critter Care Wildlife Society Quit Day American Lung Association

Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Dogs die locked in hot car – reads the headline. It sometimes takes tragic events to remind us of the importance of looking after our animal friends. Beautiful spring weather! Sunshine, lovely breeze, clear skies! It can still be a bit crisp though. It’s not time to put that jacket away for the season just

Reducing Animal Stress at the Veterinary Hospital

Is your pet stressed visiting the vet? We make health care environments stress-free for children, why not do the same for our animal family members? Many children visit pediatric dentists. Stuffed toy animals everywhere, fake tiki torches “burning” on the walls, a cave shaped like a wild animal, smiling and friendly staff, and countless toys,

Pet Obesity and Exercise

Fat cats risk joint disease Modern pets are becoming sedentary, overweight and obese. Are our animal family members at risk because of our lifestyle habits? Imagine for a moment – it’s springtime. A time when many people brush the dust off their runners or hiking boots and start enjoying the beautiful weather by getting some

Save Your Dog this Holiday Season from Chocolate Toxicity

Be careful with chocolate around your canine pets During the holiday season, a lot of households have plenty of chocolate laying around for hungry dogs to eat. Mmmm, chocolate. Chocolate is delicious! So it is no wonder that our dogs love it for the same reason that we do. Veterinary assistants and other veterinary team