March 10th 2017 – Panorama Village Animal Hospital – Receptionist/Assistant Full-time

March 10th 2017 Panorama Village Animal Hospital HIRING: Receptionist/Assistant – Full-time We are a small animal practice that provide complete wellness exams, dentistry, eye and skin care, on-site radiographs,in house lab and surgeries. Candidate must have previous veterinary experience and a Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate would be an asset. A compassionate, outgoing, caring personality is

10 Things You Learn at Veterinary Assistant College

Our Veterinary Technician Assistant program offers hands-on, practical learning, providing our students with all the knowledge they need for their careers. The subjects covered are wide-ranging, but always have a practical focus, meaning that you can immediately start work in a veterinary office unfazed. Here are some of the things that you will learn throughout

Top Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

Things to Consider Inside Your Home No Bones Please: Avoid giving bones to your dogs or cats, particularly turkey bones. Poultry bones easily splinter and can cause serious injury, while bone fragments can cause intestinal blockages or lacerations. Healthy Treats: Chocolate and other sweets should not be given to animals. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical

How to Become a Vet Assistant

If you’re looking for a rewarding career working with animals then there are few jobs more fulfilling than becoming a veterinary technician assistant. Working with veterinarians and veterinary technicians, a VTA is an essential part of a clinic’s team and aids in all aspects of animal care. The duties of a vet assistant range from

3 Career Paths You Can Pursue After Veterinary Assistant College

Wondering about your career options in the field of animal health care? There are many rewarding professions open to those with the right training and a passion for animal welfare. Enrolling in a veterinary assistant program is a great place to start. In top veterinary assistant colleges like Granville College, students develop animal handling skills,

Top 5 Skills Needed to Succeed as a Veterinary Assistant

If you would like to work with animals for a living, the right training can turn your ambition into a fulfilling career as a Veterinary Assistant in less than a year! Question? How do you know if this is the right career path for you? Veterinary Assistants are required to learn all aspects of animal