How to Become a Vet Assistant

If you’re looking for a rewarding career working with animals then there are few jobs more fulfilling than becoming a veterinary technician assistant. Working with veterinarians and veterinary technicians, a VTA is an essential part of a clinic’s team and aids in all aspects of animal care. The duties of a vet assistant range from taking care of the daily needs of animals, to restraining, administering medication, and performing laboratory tests.

If you are interested in pursuing this career we are here to help and have outlined the steps you need to take to start your journey:

Have a strong desire to work with animals

Possibly the most important step to becoming a vet assistant is aspiring to work with animals and having a passion for animal welfare. It’s this ambition that employers look for and will drive you to pursue this fulfilling career.

You will care for animals on a daily basis and the work you do makes an incredible difference in their lives.

Get qualified

Once you have decided this is your career of choice, you need to get qualified. At Granville College we offer both full and part-time courses that give you all the training you need to succeed.

Our programs cover all aspects of the job and prepare you for the real-life situations you will encounter. At the end of the course you receive your Veterinary Technician Assistant Diploma and are ready to start work.

Practical experience

Practical experience is very important, whether it’s volunteering, helping out at an animal shelter, or hands-on experience as part of your qualification.

Due to the importance of work experience, as part of our program you are required to complete a three-week practicum with a clinic or animal hospital. This ensures that you are fully prepared for work.

Finding a job

Once you receive your qualification you can start looking for work as a vet tech assistant.

At Granville College we have great relationships with local clinics and animal hospitals and our graduates have an exceptional employment record. Throughout your course we are able to advise you on the best steps to take to secure employment.

One of the benefits of your training is that it opens up tons of new options and puts you ahead of the competition in a number of roles working with animals. Check out our blog for information on what careers you can pursue.

For more information on our program and how to become a Veterinary Technician Assistant, get in touch!


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