Graduate Testimonials

Graduate Testimonials from Class 87

Class 87 graduated December 19, 2014 and we collected their comments in the following graduate testimonials:

I was truly educated in this program. The course material is almost without exception fascinating. The staff at the College are extremely knowledgeable and very supportive.”

“I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. I always feel comfortable asking questions and they were always answered. This course is a good way to start a career!”

“I had a great time attending Granville College. It has been the best educational experience that I have ever received. I will truly miss being in class.”

“Course content provides an excellent foundation to start off and work in the veterinary industry. After completing it, one feels competent enough to work and succeed in a veterinary hospital setting.”

“My time here was great. All the information I learned was helpful for me on my practicum. With my understanding of the information, I feel very confident with getting a job as a Veterinary Assistant.”

“I had a really great experience at the College. I enjoyed the content and Jill is an excellent instructor whom really improved the class experience. I always felt comfortable going to her about anything and enjoyed her friendly, approachable presence.”

“I’m very happy with the College and the program. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it every day of school. I feel ready to start working and I gained a lot of confidence throughout the course. It has been an amazing experience. I couldn’t have chosen a better College.”


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