3 Career Paths You Can Pursue After Veterinary Assistant College

Wondering about your career options in the field of animal health care? There are many rewarding professions open to those with the right training and a passion for animal welfare.

Enrolling in a veterinary assistant program is a great place to start. In top veterinary assistant colleges like Granville College, students develop animal handling skills, learn medical terminologies, and gain the hands-on experience they need to succeed in a variety of rewarding careers.

Read on to discover the top 3 career paths you may achieve with your veterinary assistant diploma.

1. Helping Animals in Medical Need by Working in an Animal Hospital or Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Assistants are animal health professionals who make sure every part of a hospital or clinic runs smoothly. They make a real difference in lives of animals they help to treat.

If you choose to pursue this profession after graduating from a veterinary assistant college, here are some examples of what your duties will be:

  • Booking appointments and communicating scheduling and billing information to pet owners
  • Restraining animals for surgical procedures, X-rays, urinary and blood sample collection and any other clinical procedures performed by Veterinarians or Vet Technicians that require assistance
  • Providing homecare instructions to pet owners leaving the clinic after their pet’s treatment
  • Educating clients regarding feeding guidelines, dietary needs, specific nutritional requirements, and more
  • Fulfilling reception duties, and managing client and medical records using specialized veterinary office software

To be a successful Veterinary Assistant, you need to possess administrative skills that are specific to the animal health care field as well as proper restraint techniques to create a safe environment for both the patients and the veterinary team.

With the right training, this is a great path for anyone motivated by helping pets stay healthy.

Veterinary Assistants connect pet owners with the treatment and continued care their animals need most

2. Making a Difference in Animals’ lives by Working for an Animal Shelter or SPCA

Working with abandoned or stray animals can be a very rewarding and satisfying career. In addition to direct care and rehabilitation, working for a shelter or SPCA also allows you to work for all animals by educating the public on animal needs, and fighting for animal rights. Veterinary assistant college can prepare you for work as an Animal Care Attendant at shelters or SPCAs.

If you want to join an Animal Care team at a shelter after completing a veterinary assistant program, your duties may include:

  • Restraining animals that may be feral or agitated for intake exams and vaccinations
  • Administering medications for each animal as prescribed by Veterinarians, and maintaining the animal’s medical file
  • Providing animals with daily care by feeding, filling water, bathing, and exercise
  • Assisting in tracking and managing medical inventory

If you are extremely passionate about animal welfare and want to make a difference in the lives of all animals, this career path might be a right fit for you after graduating from a veterinary assistant college.

3. Improving the Lives of Animals by Working for a Pet Nutrition Brand or Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company

Proper nutrition and access to quality medical products makes a big impact to an animal’s overall health and quality of life. A love for animals and a desire to help make sure each animal gets the very best, you can join the veterinary community as a sales representative for a Pet Nutrition Brand or Veterinary Pharmaceutical company.

To pursue this career, you need to obtain these skill sets:

  • Knowledge of nutrition, diets, vaccines, parasites, disease control, pharmacology, medical terminology and medical conditions
  • Communication, customer service, and problem solving skills

By pursuing an animal health career in sales, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Attending sales conferences and becoming intimately familiar with the products you will be representing
  • Speaking to veterinary clinics and pet supply stores about the products and helping them chose the ones that will best fit their needs
  • Maintaining a client database, and ensuring orders are input correctly and on time
  • Collecting feedback from veterinarians and pet supply store owners to assure the products continue to help improve the lives of animals

A veterinary assistant program provides the knowledge of the veterinary industry, as well as terminology which is required for this role. It is very rewarding to connect animals with the products that will contribute to their lifelong health and well-being.

Whether you can picture yourself working with pets at a veterinary clinic, raising awareness for animals at a shelter, or getting great food brands and medical products to animals everywhere, the right training program will help set the foundation for your animal health career.

Are you interested in enrolling in a veterinary assistant program?

Visit Granville College to take your first steps towards any of these rewarding career paths!


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