2016 Veterinary Assistant Programs Starting Soon!

An exciting and rewarding career with animals awaits!

There is still time to enrol in our upcoming 2016 Full-Time and Part-Time Veterinary Assistant Programs.

Are you a young woman or man who wears his or her heart on one’s sleeve? Do you tear-up when you see people or animals in unfortunate circumstances? Are you empathic and caring in general? Do you feel that at this point in your life a career based on heart might be just the right move to help you grow? Have you, naturally then, considered a career in animal care? Granville College will turn your compassion and caring qualities into a paying vocation through our full-time and part-time Veterinary Assistant Programs!

Veterinary Assistant Program

The Veterinary Assistant Program is hands-on, practical training. This accelerated program will give you the technical knowledge and practical experience you need to have a rewarding career in animal healthcare.


  • 4 Days per Week
  • Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m
  • Graduate in 24 Weeks

Part-time Veterinary Assistant Program

The part-time program is run once per year, starting in September 2016. It runs just 2 weekends per month, so it’s a great option for individuals who work Monday-Friday, busy parents balancing family and school and anyone else with outside commitments that make committing to a full-time program a challenge.


  • 3 evenings per week
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00-9:00pm
  • Graduate in 8 Months

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Granville College in downtown Vancouver offers comprehensive veterinary assistant programs for those wanting a career in animal care


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