The College Instructors

The instructors at Granville College are a tight-knit group dedicated to advancing animal care through education, and are always enthusiastic about helping like-minded individuals pursue rewarding careers!

“Meet” our Instructors below, and then book a tour to come see them in person – they would love to see you!

Justyna Matracki
AHT (Animal Health Technician)

Graduated from the Olds College Animal Health Technology program in 2011, Justyna has worked extensively in companion animal clinics, wildlife rehabilitation centres, and the Calgary Zoo. Justyna also has experience volunteering abroad with community led animal welfare organizations in South Africa and has a special interest in the proper handling and care of large exotic cats such as lions and cheetahs. Being an outdoor enthusiast and having spent most of her life in Rockies, Justyna is excited to explore what the west coast has to offer.

Mandy Isaacs
VA (Veterinary Assistant)

Mandy Isaacs graduated from Granville College in 2001 and has been working as a Veterinary Assistant since. She is committed to animal welfare, educating clients, and supporting Veterinarians. Mandy also has experience volunteering as a member of the Animal Care Committee at UBC, and spends a great deal of time Pet Sitting.

When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and two elderly cats, hanging out at the beach, biking, visiting her hometown in Nova Scotia.

Lilliana Olmedo
VT (Veterinary Technician)

Lilliana's passion for animals began at an early age while growing up with two dogs, five fishes, a rescue parrot, and two rescue owls. When she was 16 years old, she stared volunteering at the National Zoo in Mexico City, where she served for more than 5 years. During that time she also started her career of veterinary medicine and completed research projects on Life Statistic Of White Tail Deer In Captivity and Adequate Diet for Pandas In Captivity. In addition to her Diploma in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine--and diverse certified courses in Ethology, Animal Nutrition and Animal Welfare among others—Lilliana received her Bachelor of Science (with honors) degree in Veterinary Medicine from the National University of Mexico. Lilliana has over 17 years of professional veterinary experience, including implementing animal welfare programs, managing projects and developing campaigns with animal health care professionals within non-profit organizations and the veterinary industry. Lilliana is also an entrepreneur, directing and managing her own company, Animals Overcranked that provides services related to the correction of animal behavior, animal nutrition, pet-lover support (in cases of animal health decline and/or loss of the animals). She is an experienced teacher and known in the veterinary lecture circuit in both Mexico and Canada. She believes it is very important to share her skills and professional experiences with new generations as she often says "while teaching others, we learn too and we can help our community to be a healthier place." When Lilliana is not at work she spends time with her son and husband, enjoying the outdoors, swimming, biking, and teaching her son about nature.