The College Instructors

The instructors at Granville College are a tight-knit group dedicated to advancing animal care through education, and are always enthusiastic about helping like-minded individuals pursue rewarding careers!

“Meet” our Instructors below, and then book a tour to come see them in person – they would love to see you!

Sherry Moyes
VA (Veterinary Assistant), PID (Provincial Instructor Diploma)
Sherry has had over twenty years of experience as an accomplished Veterinary Assistant and Practice Manager. In addition to her 9 years as a Veterinary Assistant Instructor, she has also completed the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program in 2011. As a former youth president and competitive member of the BC Quarter Horse Association, Sherry has a passion for horses as well as companion animals. Sherry is involved in the Standardbred race horse industry and owns a Burmese cat named ‘Paisley’.
Justyna Matracki
AHT (Animal Health Technician)
Graduated from the Olds College Animal Health Technology program in 2011, Justyna has worked extensively in companion animal clinics, wildlife rehabilitation centres, and the Calgary Zoo. Justyna also has experience volunteering abroad with community led animal welfare organizations in South Africa and has a special interest in the proper handling and care of large exotic cats such as lions and cheetahs. Being an outdoor enthusiast and having spent most of her life in Rockies, Justyna is excited to explore what the west coast has to offer.
Dr. Julianne Mantler
BSc(ag) BSc(vet biol) BVMS
Dr. Mantler is an Holistic Veterinarian who started as a kennel hand and worked her way up to veterinary assistant, while she completed her BSc(ag) degree at UBC. She was accepted to veterinary school in 2000, and went on an adventure to study at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. She worked in a companion animal practice in Perth until 2007, when she came back to Canada. She practiced at many veterinary hospitals in the Lower Mainland, until she opened her own clinic in 2013, where she practiced Holistic Veterinary Medicine including naturopathy and homeopathy. In 2015 she completed her certification in Animal Chiropractic, and is one of the few Internationally Certified Veterinary Chiropractors (IVCA) in Canada. She has 3 Jack Russell Terriers, “Bruiser”, “Smash” and “Hazzard” who run competitive agility with the Agility Association of Canada (AAC), and they also regularly compete in sanctioned Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) Trials throughout the USA.